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The Frogmore Paper Mill Project (2006)

The Paper Mill is in Hemel Hempstead next to the Grand Union Canal and is one of the oldest working paper mills in the UK. The mill today produces paper from recycled materials and is now an open working Museum.


My original involvement with the mill was acting as a guide, showing small groups the technical aspects of type setting and print making. But after a short time there I was given the freedom to act as a resident painter in the factory.

I spent my time painting and drawing, often using the special pulp paper and dyes that was used in paper making process.. The work was mostly experimental using marks made from the workings of the machines themselves.. I continued further in the abstract manner influenced by the mechanical function of the paper making process. The work was later exhibited in 2007 at the Morley Gallery London.

After the exhibition the works were recycled to pulp.